Continuing dental education. We are always at the cutting edge of dental practice and thinking.
Latest and best equipment and technology from lasers to loupes and microscopes, affording the highest possible standard of care.
Transparent dentistry. Intra-oral cameras enable us to actually show you what needs to be done and why.
Full option treatment plans, beginning with a comprehensive examination. We can then recommend what, if anything needs to be done right now for your dental health or go one step further and improve your smile and even your appearance.
Specialist Network. We work closely with a range of dental specialists who are amongst the finest in Sydney. Because we regularly work with a select group, they give us freely of their time after hours to help plan treatment for our patients.
Infection control. We go the extra mile with infection control and follow the NH&MRC recommendations including Universal Precautions. All instruments and handpieces are autoclaved before use. Where possible single use disposible materials are used.
Patient Comfort. Comfortable dental chairs and gorgeous artwork make a visit to the Whole Tooth a feast for the senses.
Patient confidentiality and privacy respected.