After 25 years experience in Woollahra, Sherly was ready to create her dream practice, paperless and state of the art, where she could practice the type of dentistry most professionals only think about! She is a member of numerous dental societies and is known for attending nearly every Continuing Education course and for buying all the latest gadgets (yes even women do that!!!). Sherly has a reputation for being brutally honest, upfront and totally devoid of bullshit. (She is also a very good dentist and an extremely interesting and knowledgeable human bean! Ed)



Ashleigh has two big weaknesses - a childhood nurtured and lifelong love of Redskins (a truly sweet sweet!), just the kind dentists tell their patients NOT to eat. The second is her daughter Kaya who can do no wrong – yet... And then the men in her life, son Otis and husband Leon. Ash once claimed, before arrival of #2 child Otis, she used to get the inexplicable urge to paint... but then she says the same about exercise too! Behind her gentle, calm, professional and unflappable exterior, Ash possesses a steely determination and accuracy in all she does which is probably why she is such a good dentist.


Tiffany is the original Ice Queen. Tiffany cleans teeth with the same precision she brings to bear on her legendary perfect figure eights on ice! It's hard to explain, but Tiffany just exudes sparkling, white clean confidence - and she doesn't even watch television advertising! Tiffany takes her work very seriously and she is seriously good at it!


Meticulous Matt, the master mouth cleaner, matured in the Country prior to being lured to the lurid lights of Surry Hills. Matt is a tragic foodie, addicted to both cooking and serving food – not to mention wines and all the other good things in life. Perhaps it’s why he is fanatical about looking after all gear involved in eating and drinking?

Receptionist +

Beautiful, bubbly, bodacious Bonnie, when not at work is often found baking - from a mean bombe Alaska to any variety of bons bons and amuses bouches - Bonnie's The Best! Sweet tooth anyone?

Dental Assistant + ½

Sexy Shannon sashays above stairs supervising surgical stuff, sterilisation and surgery SOPS. With her partner Aaron, she's about to unleash a newbie on Planet Earth. Watch this space!

Helping Hand

Sir Neil, a genuine French Knight, is responsible for anything for which nobody else wants to hold up a hand. He can be found at the Practice when he's not busy creating and marketing new Apps, writing books or organising new French frolics. He also handles all the below the line activities for the practice and often adorns the Reception Desk.