Laser Dentistry

Lasers for soft tissue and teeth – pinpoint accuracy and in some cases, no injection needed!

A dental laser is a beam of highly concentrated light delivered in short pulses through a flexible optic fibre. Different wavelengths perform different functions.

Recent advances in laser technology have seen lasers come into their own in a range of medical arenas. Lasers are proven safe in dental application both for adults and children and are a real benefit in use for specific procedures.




Lasers confer many benefits:

  • Virtually no pain. Less need for local anaesthetic.
  • No numb mouth after the dentist is finished if you don't need a needle!!

Removes decay more efficiently than sound tooth thereby reducing the size of restorations.

  • Improves adhesion of filling materials to tooth structure.
  • Sterilises the area- no cross infection
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Less swelling
  • Better and faster healing
  • No noise and vibration (like a traditional drill) 

We have several of the latest lasers.

Diagnodent- uses fluorescence to detect early decay that does not show up on x-rays or to the naked eye. The earlier the detection the easier it is to promote repair before it turns into a great big hole!

The Opus Duo is a unique laser system which incorporates both Er:Yag and CO2 lasers in a single device. We also have a Hoya Er:Yag laser.

The Er:YAG laser is designed primarily for hard-tissue procedures on teeth and bone, whereas the CO2 laser is effective for a wide range of soft-tissue applications. This enables us to offer our patients the appropriate laser treatment with the highest flexibility possible.

Opus 5 diode laser is for soft tissue sculpting and tooth whitening.