Advance Caries Detection Dentist

A brand new way to detect tooth decay before it takes hold.

The people of Cariescan claim this to be the best caries detection system in the world – some claim but one to which they are ready to be held accountable.

Painless to administer – the device is simply placed against a tooth – and fast to use – Cariescan is one of the latest and best tools in the dental kit box.

Early detection of caries means minimal dentistry is required to mitigate against potential future problems. It’s the kind of dentistry we dreamed of as kids!

Cariescan is 94.8% accurate at determining both healthy and carious teeth. It uses ACIST (AC Imaged Spectroscopy Technology) to quantify dental caries by measuring changes in tooth mineral density.


This technology gives us a simple and comfortable tool for detecting decay with more thoroughness, timeliness, and accuracy. Not only does it help prevent the spread of decay, but it helps us to treat your teeth more conservatively as well. When we spot decay sooner, the necessary restorations are typically smaller and shallower, preserving more of the tooth.