14 Jan
Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

You'll never skip brushing and flossing again after you read this! You know Thw Whole Tooth at Surry Hills has long expounded the virtues of maintaining healthy gums and Initial Therapy as required. Well, here's why...

Experiments on mice have established a causal link between gum disease and Alzheimers. When mice were given gingivalis bacteria, this activated parts of the immune system so degrading tau protein. These effects produced Alzheimer symptoms and dementia exactly like human Alzheimers. When the mice were given a drug to kill the bacteria, there was a reduction both in bacteria and in symptoms. Together, these satisfy most of the conditions required to attribute a disease to an organism.

Nearly all of the human Alzheimer brain samples studied contained gingipains. The more gingipains, the more degraded tau protein they had and the greater the ravages of Alzheimers.

So the scientists considered the correlationand causation sufficiently definitive for us to reflect. So they claim... Over to you!

Never let gum disease take control of your mouth - you should brush and floss REGULARLY!

11 Jul
Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

So much has happened at The Whole Tooth in Surry Hills since last blog post...

Dr. Ash is seriously pregnant and due to sprog early August. Rumour has it, this happy event may cooincide with Sir Neil's Birthday,

Dr. Sherl and adjunct went travelling and are back... But did manage to see Bernadette who misses everyone and sends her love, when she's not expending it on her new beau from days past.

And in the travellers absence, the New Guard made the Old redundant. Welcome to Rikki and Wendy who many of you will have seen from front desk to surgery.

Happy days again! Yes - at the DENTIST!!!

23 Mar
Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

Not sure if a few Arab Sheiks saw that The Whole Tooth is offering facial fillers and Dysport and got carried away, but make of this what you will...

An article from the SMH/NY Times entitled Saudia Arabia Camel Pageant Scandal. 12 camels have been disqualified from the King Abdulaziz Festival beauty pageant in Rumah for receiving Facial Filler injections. The Festival involves up to 30,000 camels, with nearly $40million on offer to the animals with the most appealing long, wide necks, broad cheeks and sultry lips.

My question is - was there any hump augmentation involved???

06 Feb
Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

What % of the population do you think has gum disease?

10 - 30%; 30 - 50%; 50 - 70% answer at end of this Blog...

Professor Jorg Eberhard writing in The International Journal of Cardiology has tied gum disease and tooth decay to a range of medical outcomes you wouldn't have even considered - and has the proof to back it up!

- Shortened life span

- undermining sport and exercise benefits

- success of pregnancy

- ability to control diabetes

- risk of stroke

- risk of heart attack

- even young children being sloppy with tooth-brushing may increase risk of heart disease later in life!

Professor Eberhard says he wants to put the "mouth back into the health" by showing the links between poor oral health and our bodies in their entirety.

So next time you cut short that tooth-brushing in your rush to get out the door or into bed... think what Jorg would say!!!

Oh ad the answer to the Question at the gebinning of this article... A staggering 50 - 70%!


30 Oct
Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

It's been a while since last I last blogged... Probably because we're all suffering sad sack syndrome here at The Whole Tooth in Surry Hills.

It is with a heavy heart we bade bye bye to Bee, our bubbly bodacious beauty from Ireland via Reading. Bee had her knees under the front desk and arms up to elbows in patient mouths for the past 15 years. She was the closest one can get to family at work - and outside for that matter. Bee was known and loved by everyone her from staff to patients and knew just about everything about everyone. Everyone has their own favourite humorous Bee story, but let me tell you, you crossed Bee at your peril.  I will never forget sitting next to Bee when she received a call one day. "Look, I'm sure you're a terribly nice person, but all you ever talk to me about is your problems - and I'm not interested. So I wish you all the best for your life. Hope it gets better. Bye Bye" - and she hung up. Later she told me that she had a cathartic moment the night before and wiped everyone she considered negative from her phone contact list. How many of us could do that and without any hint of malice!?

Many patients have been asking after Bee, so we can tell you she is living with her Mom in England. Hughie is doing well at School. And Bee and her Maam and her sisters are all deliriously happy. Bee has started work again, albeit outside the dental industry (wasted refernce letter that one!) and remains in contact. Neil may miss her the most as he has had to take up the slack in her absence 6 days a week fior ever, but we see some blue sky on the horizon! Keep watching this space.

So a collective thanks and sayonara to Bee from all of us - may her life be as full of joy as the sunshine she spreads around her.


26 Jun
Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

If you think dentistry is tough today, imagine what it was like 13,000 years ago? Well, imagine no more - Stefano Benazzi of the University of Bologna thinks he has evidence of the earliest known root canal dentistry on a human.

Two front teeth were discovered at the Riparo Fredian  site near Lucca in Italy . Each has a large hole extending down into the pulp chamber  deep in the tooth.  Horizontal marks on the walls of the teeth suggest the dentist used tiny stone tools to drill the teeth out. This root canal work  - obviously without anaesthetic - must have been for one tough cookie! No amalgams - no crowns... Benazzi found traces of bitumen and  with hairs and plant fibres embedded. That's one way to reduce pain and keep food out of the pulp chamber.

These marks are similar to those found in teeth from another Italian site that date back 14,000 years in what is the earliest know filling and first example of dentistry yet discovered.No amalgams for these tough patients either!

Drs. Sherl and Ash  suggest patients avoid such traumatic work by using the 21st century comfort and exemplary modern facilities - including sterilisation procedures - at The Whole Tooth in Surry Hills!


05 Jun
Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

Parasitic bacteria have been found in saliva in Tests conducted by the California Institute of Technology. Analyzing the DNA, the researchers a piece of RNA belonging to a form of parasite  called Actinomoyces odontolyticus. As Actinomoyces cannot make its own amino acids, it depends on supply from the host. These parasites draw out nutrients at first and then begin attacking the host...

 These silent stalking parasites are guilty of causing gum disease and worse. So as the Team at The Whole Tooth in Surry Hills suggest, keep that hygiene maintenance going and keep these bad bacteria at bay!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

13 May
Posted by Sherly

According to Dr. Sherly Snyman, dentist at The Whole Tooth in Surry Hills, a new study conducted in Spain has demonstrated a very strong correlation between obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and sleep bruxism. Yes you read it right - sleep bruxism is the condtion where a person clenches and tightens their jaw, promoting excessive grinding of the teeth.

It is a remarkable finding as no previous studies had uncovered the link - indeed the researchers came at the Progamme believing no such link would ever be proven, but the frequency of occurrence startled them all.

Most at risk? Those with bridges, crowns or implants - and successful prosthetic implantation. The message - sleep apnoea has more to answer for than originally suspected!

19 Apr
Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

Babies and bad breath???!!! It is an inescapable fact that babies, being the demanding creatures they are in the womb, have a medically known adverse effect of the gums of She who carries them.

It is strongly suggested that all pregnant parents to be, should pay particular attention to their gums and teeth as they experience a way above average incidence of gum disease and tooth decay.

Between the hormonal changes that can make gums swell and bleed to acid in vomit washing across teeth for those who suffer from morning sickness, babies have a lot to answer for - and that's before they even grow up and give a whole other set of problems!

So if you or someone you know is pregnant, please make regular hygiene appointments as soon as possible to stay ahead in the Gums Games and ensure a robust future relationship with your child to be!!!