06 Feb

Gum Disease - The Ticking Bomb...

Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

What % of the population do you think has gum disease?

10 - 30%; 30 - 50%; 50 - 70% answer at end of this Blog...

Professor Jorg Eberhard writing in The International Journal of Cardiology has tied gum disease and tooth decay to a range of medical outcomes you wouldn't have even considered - and has the proof to back it up!

- Shortened life span

- undermining sport and exercise benefits

- success of pregnancy

- ability to control diabetes

- risk of stroke

- risk of heart attack

- even young children being sloppy with tooth-brushing may increase risk of heart disease later in life!

Professor Eberhard says he wants to put the "mouth back into the health" by showing the links between poor oral health and our bodies in their entirety.

So next time you cut short that tooth-brushing in your rush to get out the door or into bed... think what Jorg would say!!!

Oh ad the answer to the Question at the gebinning of this article... A staggering 50 - 70%!