19 Apr

Babies and Bad Breath?

Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

Babies and bad breath???!!! It is an inescapable fact that babies, being the demanding creatures they are in the womb, have a medically known adverse effect of the gums of She who carries them.

It is strongly suggested that all pregnant parents to be, should pay particular attention to their gums and teeth as they experience a way above average incidence of gum disease and tooth decay.

Between the hormonal changes that can make gums swell and bleed to acid in vomit washing across teeth for those who suffer from morning sickness, babies have a lot to answer for - and that's before they even grow up and give a whole other set of problems!

So if you or someone you know is pregnant, please make regular hygiene appointments as soon as possible to stay ahead in the Gums Games and ensure a robust future relationship with your child to be!!!