25 Nov

Heads Up For Teeth

Posted by Neil

Hard to believe it, but The Whole Tooth Dentist in Surry Hills believes the silly season has already started for 2016. 


- It's so warm the Surry Hills dog-walking fraternity have given up pooch coats and frocks - yes frocks too!

- People departing The Whole Tooth tend to say things like "Happy Christmas" or "Thanks to the best dentists in Surry Hills" or see you in 2017" type stuff.

- We've already begun editing this year's Digital Chrissie card.

- The hygienists are booked out every Saturday for the rest of 2016.

- the hygienists are then unbooked for every available time on Saturdays as people move appointments in line with Christmas social calendars.

- B has no sooner taken down the Halloweenie decs than she's on about putting up the Chrissie ones.

Or so the story goes... Moral of which?

Make your hygiene and check up appointment sooner rather than later to be guaranteed of a time you want inside 2016! Or so says Neil!