30 Oct

Bye Bye Bee!

Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

It's been a while since last I last blogged... Probably because we're all suffering sad sack syndrome here at The Whole Tooth in Surry Hills.

It is with a heavy heart we bade bye bye to Bee, our bubbly bodacious beauty from Ireland via Reading. Bee had her knees under the front desk and arms up to elbows in patient mouths for the past 15 years. She was the closest one can get to family at work - and outside for that matter. Bee was known and loved by everyone her from staff to patients and knew just about everything about everyone. Everyone has their own favourite humorous Bee story, but let me tell you, you crossed Bee at your peril.  I will never forget sitting next to Bee when she received a call one day. "Look, I'm sure you're a terribly nice person, but all you ever talk to me about is your problems - and I'm not interested. So I wish you all the best for your life. Hope it gets better. Bye Bye" - and she hung up. Later she told me that she had a cathartic moment the night before and wiped everyone she considered negative from her phone contact list. How many of us could do that and without any hint of malice!?

Many patients have been asking after Bee, so we can tell you she is living with her Mom in England. Hughie is doing well at School. And Bee and her Maam and her sisters are all deliriously happy. Bee has started work again, albeit outside the dental industry (wasted refernce letter that one!) and remains in contact. Neil may miss her the most as he has had to take up the slack in her absence 6 days a week fior ever, but we see some blue sky on the horizon! Keep watching this space.

So a collective thanks and sayonara to Bee from all of us - may her life be as full of joy as the sunshine she spreads around her.