14 Jan

The Astonishing Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimers!

Posted by Dr Sherly Snyman

You'll never skip brushing and flossing again after you read this! You know Thw Whole Tooth at Surry Hills has long expounded the virtues of maintaining healthy gums and Initial Therapy as required. Well, here's why...

Experiments on mice have established a causal link between gum disease and Alzheimers. When mice were given gingivalis bacteria, this activated parts of the immune system so degrading tau protein. These effects produced Alzheimer symptoms and dementia exactly like human Alzheimers. When the mice were given a drug to kill the bacteria, there was a reduction both in bacteria and in symptoms. Together, these satisfy most of the conditions required to attribute a disease to an organism.

Nearly all of the human Alzheimer brain samples studied contained gingipains. The more gingipains, the more degraded tau protein they had and the greater the ravages of Alzheimers.

So the scientists considered the correlationand causation sufficiently definitive for us to reflect. So they claim... Over to you!

Never let gum disease take control of your mouth - you should brush and floss REGULARLY!